Welcome to the Church of St Arvans, part of the Severn Wye Ministry Area in the Diocese of Monmouth in the Anglican Province of the Church in Wales.

Let there always be quiet, dark churches in which people can take refuge…
Houses of God filled with his silent presence.
There, even when they do not know how to pray, they can be still and breathe easily…

(Thomas Merton)

We are a Church in the Catholic tradition of the Anglican Communion (those provinces of the Church in communion with the See of Canterbury).

As part of the Church in Wales we aim to bring people closer to Christ through the sacraments and the preaching of the Word.

Today we continue that vital work through the daily and weekly offering of worship, particularly in the offering of the Holy Eucharist (the Mass or Holy Communion), through the pastoral care of all who seek our help and through teaching and instruction in the Catholic Faith as the Anglican tradition has received it.

That faith speaks to us of the presence of Jesus Christ, always with us. He comes to us in the ordinary things of life, in the water of baptism, in the Bread and Wine of the Eucharist, in the words of forgiveness uttered by his Church, in the love and life he shares with us and calls on us to share with one another.

We are served by a priest whose area of pastoral responsibility also includes the villages of Penterry, Itton, Devauden and Kilgwrrwg.

Father Michael Gollop