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19 Replies to “Contact”

  1. I am a member of our local Heritage Group in Lubenham, Market Harborough and we are currently researching the Tilley Family. We understand that the Revd John Tilley was at St Arvans from possibly 1883 through to at least 1920 (Kelly’s Directory) and that there is a memorial window to him at St Arvans Church. Would it be possible to have a copy of a photograph of the window to be used in a presentation on 3 Lubenham Families on 12th August? If it could be emailed that would be great and due acknowledgement given at the meeting. We have a most interesting letter of condolence written by one of John Tilley’s daughters, Emily, who was a governess or school teacher.
    Thank you very much. With best wishes
    Philip Clements

    1. Dear Revd Clements,
      Thank you for your enquiry about the TILLEY family.
      I apologise it was not possible to respond to this previously. I do hold some information about the Tilley and Pegler families and will forward a photograph of the East Window direct to you.

      1. Thank you so much for the information on the Revd John Tilley and for the photographs, which will go into the archive of the Lubenham Heritage Group. The Revd John Tilley was the 6th son of Daniel Tilley, Baker, of Lubenham, Market Harborough. John became a schoolmaster and then trained at Lincoln Theological College.

  2. Where can I find the parish newsletters? The main reason I became a friend was to read the local village news on a regular basis.
    Thank you

    1. We are pleased to be able to say our re-designed Website is now operational. Please now see under News, above, to find details of Services and Events.
      We apologise that it was not possible to update it previously due to a change from our old website.

  3. As part of my research into saints’ wells throughout Wales, I have been investigating the story of St Arvan. A holy well possibly named for him was mentioned in the Book of Llandaf. I have seen the St Arvans church history where it says that St Arvan was, according to legend, a 9th-century hermit who used to fish for salmon from a coracle in the River Wye, and also that there was once a stone in the church bearing a carving of a coracle and a salmon. I haven’t been able to find any further information on this legend and I am wondering if anyone happens to know where this legend comes from, or where else it has been published.

    1. Dear Janet Bord,
      Thank you for your interest about St. Arvan.
      I have no further information other than the legend as published on our website but will ask others again to see if there is any written source for it.
      Best wishes
      David Priddis

  4. What is the current contact email? delivery fails.

    Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:

    Technical details of permanent failure:
    Google tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the server for the recipient domain by [].

    The error that the other server returned was:
    550 5.1.1 Recipient not found.

    1. Dear Mr. Curtis Brown,
      Please accept our apologies for the Contact Address not working.
      We are endeavouring to resolve this technical hitch.

      I will try and respond to you direct.
      Best wishes
      David Priddis

  5. My g g g grandfather John Mayo was a parish clerk at St Arvans until he died in 1872. I have visited the church several times and found the headstone of two of his wives, both died young but John seems to be undergrowth or otherwise missing.

    I wonder if you can confirm from the burial register whether he is there and also his father Richard who may have also been a parish clerk and he died in 1852.

    John, son of John above, worked for Nathaniel Wells at Piercefield so the family would have had parochial and work links.

    Thanks in advance

    Roger Moore

    1. Dear Roger,
      Thank you for the query and our subsequent e-mail correspondence.
      It was good that we were able to provided transcripts of family memorials for you.
      Best wishes
      David Priddis

  6. Dear Fr Michael Gollop,

    I hope that you remember me, I provided the lighting for your dedication service a little while ago. I work at a print training project at the URC church in Newport. Our aim is to help young people get a job, particularly those who otherwise might be struggling. We do this by working with real project for real customers. Our aim is to do a really good job, for a really good price.
    In connection with this, would you consider us for doing the printing for your magazine? We would love to do a quote for you, and you might be surprised at how economical it could be.
    Our phone number is 01633 746262, and I look forward to hearing from you

    Mike Scott

    1. Dear Mike,
      Thank you for getting in contact. I understand after my follow-up our Treasurer has been in contact to look at possibly taking things forward.

      Best wishes
      David Priddis

  7. World War One casualty – Pte George F Wilband.
    A research project of the Crickhowell District Archive Centre has sought to uncover the lives of the men on local war memorials and to investigate the broader impact of the war on Crickhowell and the surrounding district. At Llangenny, one of the eight parishes of our district, the name of Pte George Francis Wilband appears on the church war memorial and his life has been investigated. A book, ‘Young Men, to Arms!’ is shortly to be published and it will include a brief account of his life. We have discovered that Wilband’s name also appears on the 1st World War memorial in your church.

    G F Wilband was a gamekeeper and the brief report of his death in the South Wales Weekly Argus of 24 November 1917 indicated he had left employment with the Sandeman family of this area and moved to St Arvans, presumably just a few years before he enlisted. Is there anyone in your area who might know something of George Wilband and in particular, what he was doing at St Arvans? It would be most helpful if information on him could be exchanged.

    We have a photograph of him which appeared with the Argus notice of his death. It is a very poor photo indeed, the worst of any of the photographs of men we have acquired. It seems very unlikely that someone in St Arvans could provide any better – but I mention it in the hope of being proved wrong!

    I will be happy to provide what information we have acquired on George Wilband’s life – perhaps someone in St Arvans has been researching the names on your war memorial as we have done? That would be great. Any information on him will be greatly appreciated.

    Geoff Williams, Chairman, Crickhowell District Archive Centre.

  8. Thank you so much for this morning’s broadcast of Sunday worship, recorded in your church. It was beautifully constructed and delivered. The singing and prayers were uplifting and the address by Michael Gollup was inspiring.

  9. Hello, Can you tell me if there is a grave marker or memorial to Pilot Officer William Clifford Townsend, the Dambuster pilot, who died on 9th April 1991. I believe it was a cremation burial at St Arvans.


    Yes, there is a marker for a Burial of ashes, nearly two years later. It is about half way down the left side of the new burial ground. William Clifford Townsend’s parents are also buried in the same area but near the road. I think they may have lived in Chepstow but had connections with St. Arvans.
    Thank you for the information about the Dambusters.

    Best wishes

  10. Hello, I’m wondering if an ancestor of mine is buried in the church ground, her name was Charlotte Blake (maiden name moxley) born 1799 died 1836. I would like to visit the grave, would be great if you could help ?


    1. Yes, Mary is buried near the SE corner of the Church in the same grave as her father, George Moxley, d. 1858. There are several other adjacent Moxley graves, the earliest being 1791. In addition, you may find the Moxley family at Penterry, whre Mary Moxley was murdered in 1842, is the same family.

      David (Webmaster)
      Hello, I’m wondering if an ancestor of mine is buried in the church ground, her name was Charlotte Blake (maiden name moxley) born 1799 died 1836. I would like to visit the grave, would be great if you could help ?


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